Auto-Magic filter
for external mounting on digital Compact camera housings.

The AMS is a 3mm thick acryllic filter available in a variety of sizes and in a variety of mounts to be used externally on a range of underwater housings for compact cameras and videos. Being external mounting it can be added and removed during a dive.

See this page for details on the various sizes that we currently offer the AMS in.

Please note that the Auto-Magic filter is also available as a 50x50mm sheet of gel filter for internal mounting on your underwater camera. Both filters use the same filter recipe.

The price of AMS filters depends on their size and the complexity of their mount, prices currently vary between £39 and £75 GBP. There is no discount for three packs of these filters.

Sample before and after photos with the Auto-Magic on a digital compact camera.
Both before and after taken on auto exposure and auto white balance: