CM - original Magic for digital Compact cameras.

The CM is a 50x50mm sheet of original Magic filter. Given the massive variety of digital compact cameras being used on underwater, we offer this single size of filter for the photographer to trim and fix to their lens. See this page for more details on how to cut and fix the filter. Depending on the size of the lens on your camera you will get between one and four filters per sheet.

We make three recipes of filter, all of which can be used on digital compact cameras. This filter, the CM, is designed for use in blue to blue-green waters and is made from the original Magic formula requiring the photographer to set the white balance manually (using preset, custom or manual WB) every time they change depth by a few metres during the dive. Not every camera has this feature, and not every photographer will want to have to do this. We tend to recommend the CM filter to more advanced compact shooters, such as those using cameras like Canon's G11 etc.

If you are in any doubt that this is not the right filter for you, then you should look at the Auto-Magic filter - which can either be used with the camera's automatic white balance setting or in custom/manual white balance mode. The Auto-Magic is also available as either a gel filter (like the CM) or as a solid filter for external use on your underwater camera.

If you dive in green water - you may also like to try the GreenWater Magic.

A single CM1 costs 28 and a pack of three filters (CM3) costs 45.

Magic filters are designed for available light underwater photography. The original Magic works from the surface down to 15m (50ft), although many users are very happy with the results of this filter down to 20m (65ft).
All our filters are optical quality polyester gels, manufactured for us, to our recipes, by one of the world's leading filter companies. All Magic filters are supplied with detailed instructions.

Sample photo with the CM1 on a digital compact camera: