MC85 - original Magic for lenses with front filters between 78mm and 85mm

The MC85 is a limited edition original Magic filter which we have produced in small numbers for the Canon 16-35mm Mk2 lens and others. The Canon 16-35mm Mk2 has a front filter thread of 82mm. We supply this filter as a square (85x85mm) with a stencil to enable you to cut it to fit your lens. For the Canon 16-35mm Mk2, the size it need to be cut to is 81mm, which is marked on the stencil.

We have chosen to supply this filter as a square for home cutting so that it can be used on future lenses, as we expect there will be plenty with front filter sizes between 78 and 85mm. We only have limited supplies of this sized filter and as a result we are only selling it as single sheets, not in our customary three packs. This size of filter is only available in the original Magic recipe.

This filter is designed to be cut to size with the stencil and then mounted on the front of the lens, held in place behind a dioptre or clear glass filter. The first part of the video clip below, although filmed using an Auto-Magic Filter, shows how to cut our filters with the stencil.

(Note colour and size of filter, above, is not accurate)

As this filter is made from the original Magic formula the photographer must set the white balance manually (using preset, custom or manual WB) every time they change depth by a few metres during the dive. This is easy to do and takes just a few seconds on most modern digital cameras.
This filter is designed specifically to work with the white balance of a modern digital camera in blue to blue-green waters.

A single MC85 costs 45 . The larger size of this filter makes it more expensive than our rear lens filters.

Magic filters are designed for available light underwater photography. The original Magic works from the surface down to 15m (50ft), although many users are very happy with the results of this filter down to 20m (65ft).
All our filters are optical quality polyester gels, manufactured for us, to our recipes, by one of the world's leading filter companies. All Magic filters are supplied with detailed instructions.