Post Processing images taken with filters

The three filters in the Magic Filters range were all designed to produce great images straight from the camera. If you follow the shooting techniques that we suggest with the Magic Filter then your shots will not require any post processing. Images will be great straight from the camera. This shot below shows a RAW Magic image taken at 10-11m straight from the camera (seen in Nikon View). You can see from the EXIF that it was taken with autofocus and aperture priority auto exposure. Filter photography can be point and shoot simple and produces images like this straight from the camera (©AM).

That said, filter shots will often benefit from a small boost in contrast and saturation. These can easily be applied in Photoshop.

It is also well worth trying the "Auto-Colour" function in Photoshop (or similar functions like Enhance in iPhoto), which can often have a good effect on your images.

If your camera is capable of it, we recommend shooting RAW (and particularly RAW+JPG) with the Magic Filter and making such adjustments if and when they are needed in the RAW converter. The advantage of shooting RAW+JPG is that the camera will also adjust other factors in the JPG files (such as shadow detail), which can make them a helpful guide when processing the RAW files at a later date.