Which Filter Is Right For You?

We have types of filters for available light underwater photography: the original Magic filter, the Greenwater Magic filter and
the Auto-Magic filter (which is available as our standard thin gel or as a robust external mounting filter).

The correct filter for you depends on three things:

1) The diving conditions you will use it in.
2) The camera system you use.

1) If you dive in blue tropical, sub-tropical, clear temperate or clear freshwater you need either the original manual Magic or the Auto-Magic Filter. If you dive in green (and we really do mean pea-soup green) temperate water you need the Greenwater Magic filter.

2) In blue waters, SLR, EVIL and high end compact shooters should use the original Magic filter. While for most compact cameras we recommend the Auto-Magic filter, which is available as either a gel filter or for external mounting.

The Filters

The Auto-Magic is designed for digital compact cameras and video in blue water conditions. This filter is designed to produce great colours with either Auto white balance, for point and shoot simplicity, or with manual white balance, to give you more control and extend the depth range. We supply this filter as either a standard thin gel (which can be cut to fit your lens) or as a robust external mounting filter for many housings. Click for more info…

The original Magic is designed for SLRs, EVIL cameras and high end compacts. This filter requires the photographer to set the white balance manually for each scene they shoot, as it works only with the adjustable manual white balance of the camera. This filter produces high quality results, without too much light loss over a wide depth range (0-15+m). It is available in a range of sizes, pre-cut for the popular DSLR lenses or as 50x50mm squares . Click for more info…

The Greenwater Magic is designed for SLRs but can be used compacts EVILs and video. This filter requires the camera’s white balance to be set manually. This filter produces remarkable images, particularly of still life subjects such as wrecks. It works between 5 and 25m. It is available in a range of sizes, pre-cut for the popular DSLR lenses and also a 50x50mm squares. Click for more info…

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