Magic Galleries and Videos

This page contains links to a variety of galleries of images taken with Magic Filters, to give you an idea of what the filters can do and also the types of subjects suitable for filter photography. These galleries contain both images taken by Alex and Peter as well as many images taken by Magic customers during the first year of Magic Filters operating (way back in 2006!).

Please have a look at Gallery 1. In August 2005 Magic Filters was launched and in August 2006 we asked photographers who had bought a Magic Filter to send in one image that they have taken with the filter, to represent our first year. Most of these images have the website addresses of the photographers on them - so if you like their shots don't forget to check out their site. Gallery 2 are the Magic staff (Alex and Peter) images from the same period.  Gallery 3 images are all taken with the new Auto-Magic filter, on compact cameras (these images were taken by Alex and Peter while testing the filter in June 2006). Gallery 4 is a small selection of images from our exciting new Greenwater Magic Filter, taken by Peter during the summer of 2006. Of course we and others have taken many, many more Magic images since then and you'll find them on underwater photography sites across the web.

Still Images

Gallery 1 - original Magic
Images taken by Magic Customers

Gallery 2 - original Magic
Images taken by Alex & Peter

Gallery 3 - Auto-Magic - Compact cameras
Images taken by Alex & Peter

Gallery 4 - Greenwater Magic
Images taken by Peter


Magic filters are also excellent for moving images, either with compact cameras, DSLRs or video cameras. There are many, many examples posted on social media and Youtube. Below are a few short video clips shot with the Magic Filters. Also included is a short clip from the Shooting Magic DVD, which was also shot using Magic Filters. The videos usually have details of camera and filter at the end. The first is shot by Magic customer Mike Hardy of C5 Films and the rest were all shot by Peter Rowlands. Sizes vary depended on the resolution of the file uploaded, but
don't forget to watch at the highest quality available (the HD seals look great full screen)!

The Amazing Red Sea - filmed by Mike Hardy. 2017.

Wreck of the Giannis D. Peter Rowlands. Original Magic Filter. July 2010.

Seals. Lundy Island, UK. Peter Rowlands. GreenWater Magic Filter. July 2010.

Alternatives, Red Sea. Peter Rowlands. Original Magic Filter. June 2009.
Note camera details refer to camera being used by Alex in this video.

Thistlegorm Wreck. Peter Rowlands. Original Magic Filter. July 2010.

Exploding Lobster! Plymouth, UK. Peter Rowlands. GreenWater Magic Filter. Summer 2007.

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